galactic central information

the hierarchy

of the satanic

or why there are no homo sapiens

on planet earth

we can all assume
that this is not humanity
but it turns

everything about the envy of satan
so this creation
to destroy

have to
so satisfy his envy

so everyone has this goal
serve mentally disabled

since no one with understanding
his own death

to end his existence

the proof of this thesis
exist in the fact
that these are all billions
not even an argumentocracy
can operate

or simply the capacity
to have a dialogue

but that they are daily
to the end

just keep going
the same propaganda types
to your subjects
chatter to death

meanwhile yourself
endlessly to death
chatter to let

from a higher
to death chatterer

that is not only
not worthy of any human

the cause of all those disasters
since no future is planned
but the position in
the hierarchy here

so the same game
for thousands of years
all these wars


this contempt
annhilating of any humanity

and now more and more

this annihilation
of all our environment

all resources
yes ... even

the destruction of the climate
thus creating a second venus

because yes ... everyone
who does not participate
to destroy the climate
otherwise he is

from this climate destruction
so ... having no more existence

there is nothing else !

just look here!

how many idiots

we are making happy !

so ... there competes

any stupid dog guarding his stupidity

and that of his idiots

just like any military

compete with each other

the stupidity of their idiotic population

because these would be homo sapiens

and no competing idiots

then they would be guaranteeing human rights

and no infinitly freed idiot rights

only homo sapiens ...

can through their wisdom
guarantee a future

and that is why they need
human rights

so for people
an enforceable order
where solutions are allowed

no animal problems
no animal show offs

so these waves
made by cruise ships

so fill her up and accelerate
so these climate flipping rights
these robbery animal rights
gorilla rights

even small children know that today

yes they can
no longer tolerate

so get rid of this they say !

so all of these
having full employment
so this was a crime
so something guaranteed
against every meaning

against everybody
because get rid of it
to scare

people can do that
in the best of all
not accepting

something like that can only
a stupid dog

so ... these
damaging rights to guard

galactic central information